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Top 4 Things to Do While in Carman

Buying and selling homes in Carman is not the only exciting thing that goes on here, the entire Pembina Valley, where all of us reside, is a blossoming and hidden gem that the rest of Canada hasn’t yet discovered. Living in Carman is a special opportunity to experience all that Canada has to offer, with a wide arrange of social organizations, artistic establishments and fascinating parks & observation areas to check out. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Carman be sure to check out these 4 places:

Dufferin Historical Museum

The Dufferin Historical Museum is a must-see for any resident or tourist in Carman. The institution is a resource for education and fun, with a plethora of events, celebrations and ceremonies taking place to inspire wonder, creativity and intrigue. Take a tour through the 60-year-old museum and gaze at the countless relics & antiques on display, ranging from early 20th-century furniture, attire, money, paintings, and so much more! Artifacts on display from local innovators including Ann Smith, Ethel Harrison and G.M. Strachan will give you a greater appreciation for those who paved the way before us.

Carman County Fair

Carman in the summertime is truly a thing to behold; the colours of nature, the long sunsets, and blue skies sweeping across the prairies make this humble town a wonderful destination spot. Upcoming this July, the annual Carman County Fair is a can’t-miss event for all people living in the Pembina Valley. With carnival rides, food stands, carnival games, and competitions including a Battle of the Bands, there is enough fun here for the entire family to enjoy.

Stephenfield Provincial Park

If you’re going to be in Carman during the Summertime you absolutely must plan a stay in Stephenfield Provincial Park. Regulated by the provincial government of Manitoba, the Stephenfield Provincial Park is monitored for cleanliness, maintenance and restructuring to provide citizens of Manitoba with an optimal visiting experience. Plan a camping trip and journey the beautiful waters of Stephenfield Lake on a canoe, kayak or motorboat. With electricity and freshwater sources available to all patrons in the park, you can camp, fish, and explore in high fashion.

Carman Golf and Curling Club

One of the finer, premier golf courses in Manitoba, the Carman Golf and Curling Club provides Carman residents with an exciting escape from the everyday routine. With 18 holes of golf to play, this golf course provides you with an opportunity to hone in on your skills and have a great time with family and friends. Keep an eye out for exciting new events that are continuously taking place at the golf course. If you don’t like golfing, you can partake in a game of curling which is also located on-site.

There is so much to do in Carman; whether you’re planning on moving to Carman or just in town for a visit, be sure to check out any of the destinations and you’ll certainly have a great time.